Easy Profits With Bonus

Wait, before you proceed....

There are extra bonus offered with this bonus package.

With this package you will have a trading strategy with trading script.

With the script you can do trading easy and quickly without using any calculation.

Just only drag and drop.

Bonus 1 : Calculator

This calculator will be used to calculate the entry setup of easy profits. 

By using the calculator, you can save your time in calculating trading setup.

It easy, just enter the number. It will calculate for you.


Bonus 2 : Entry Script

This script will be used to enter the setup order. Your trading now is simpler and easier with this script.

No need to make a calculation. Just drag and drop. Your market order will be set.

Bonus 3 : Trading Plan

Trading Plan is very important to be successful forex trader. Only you yourself know what you like, what you want to do and what is your strategy

In this trading plan, it will cover on your trading strategy, your money management and how you going to be successful forex trader. A guide to your successful trading.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

trading plan profitable forex strategy

Bonus 4 : Understand Market Trending Structure

With this lesson, you will understand the market structure and 
know where the direction of the market.

You will learn 

-3 ways to know weakened trending market

-What structure that market going to reverse.

-Best entry on forex market structure

-the place to cut loss if you are against the market.

understand market structure

Limited BONUS : Forex Trading For Newbies Video Lesson

This video lesson is suitable for you to enhance your knowledge in forex if you are beginners.

This forex trading for newbies pack consist of 1.3GB of video files for you to download.

What you will learn in this video pack :

  • Download And Install Free Software For Viewing Charts
  • Customize Your Forex Trading Charts For Maximum Effectiveness
  • Understand Market Prices And What They Mean.
  • Use Your Price Chart To Easily See Price Pattern.
  • Establish A Frame Of Reference For Your Chosen Currency Pair. EURUSD, GBPUSD, Etc.
  • Control Your Risk So That You Can Succeed Where 95% Of Other Traders Fail
  • Duplicate Successful Trades Shown In Live Examples
  • Build The Confidence And Discipline Needed To Trade Forex Profitably

Normal Price : 27usd

 Special BONUS : My Secret Trading Strategy

My Favourite trading strategy. I use this strategy when i was a beginner.

What best with this strategy, it will give you signal alert when to buy and when to sell.

This strategy can gain 60pips to 70pips per trade with hourly chart.

This strategy also can gain 100pip 200pips per trade for H4 time frame.

See the video

See the daily profits from the Easy Profits Strategy.

See all profits gain from this profitable strategy

see the profits gain video below 



How much money with this extra bonus package?

What they say...

"still no loss for easy profit but still in demo, next month 1 will try on live"

"Your set and forget strategy is fire, bro! LIT AF!! All profits and no losses!"

forex profit strategy

"Nice profit sir for today. very2 satisfied with this...you are the best"

"Good gains,with only lot 0.02 and 105pips"

"First day of live testing, 90pips"

"150pips today"

Thanks you. Today, this is my profit. Almost hit TP.

"Thanks for the easy strategy. i gain 150pips for today and yesterday"


Easy Profits

What best with Easy Profits?

·      It is easy to use
·      Only use simple mathematical approach to set entry setup.
·      Only need 5 minutes time a day .
·      Set & Forget trading strategy.
·      When you open your chart, you see profits.
profitable forex strategy
·      Everyday you see profits

How much will be your investment for this Easy and 

Profitable Forex Trading Strategy?

best forex strategy for consistent profits 

Easy Profits trading strategy is for:

·      Forex Newbie, because it only takes 1day to 
understand this strategy and make profits.
·      Forex Trader who use a very complicated trading strategy but never withdraw their money.
·      Forex Trade who almost give up in trading
·      Forex Trader who always loss in trading

Easy Profits is not suitable for :

·      Forex Guru
·      Forex Master
·      Forex Pro
·      Forex Sifu

This trading strategy is simple and not suitable for the so called master, guru and pro in forex trading.

You will only need a simple mathematics calculation to make profits with forex.

I guess, guru, master and pros don't need this simple trading strategy. 

This trading strategy is simple but profitable forex strategy.

With This Easy Profits, you will :

·      No longer spend your money on forex stuff
·      Have a consistency in trading
·      Have a simple and easy to use trading strategy to make profits with forex
·      Achieve daily profits target

·      Have profits to withdraw from trading every month

best forex strategy for consistent profits

payment inquiry : pipsumo@gmail.com 

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