Fibonacci Tips 4# Target Profits

Fibonacci Strategy Target Profits

Hello trader,

Have you try to use the fibonacci strategy?

Just want to share with you, there are 2 fibonacci level target profits that i use to make entry with.

161.8 Target Profits 1
100.0 Target Profits 2

Both can give you profits. But the level 161.8 are giving more profits and it also risky if not hitting the target profits and get reverse.

While level 100.0, is more secure to set the target profit and price are easy to reach the target. But the profits is less than the level 161.8.

Whatever it is, you can set 2 entry setup with using this 2 target profits level.

Just diversify your target profits with 2 setup.

If you still dont have idea how to set the target profits. Check out this fibonacci indicator.

There are 3 target profits option. You can choose on your own,safe take profit,

medium take profit or even aggresive take profits.

I wish you good luck in your trading.

Happy Trading.

fibonacci tips target profits level


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