Forex Lesson 2 : How To Put Pending Order

Forex Lesson 2 : How To Put Pending Order

What is a Pending order?

Pending order is an order that was not yet executed. Meaning you put an order that is still not reaching your order price yet. 

Pending order is important to know if you are intraday and swing. Most of the traders use pending order to execute their entry.

There are  4 types of order , which is Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Sell Limit. 

Before you put your order into the market. You definitely have to understand what is your type of order that you want to make.

Buy Order

Buy Stop
Order place above price and price keeps going up

pending order buy stop

Buy Limit
Order place below price and price then goes up

pending order buy limit

Sell Order

Sell Stop

Order placed below price and price keeps going down

pending order sell stop

Sell Limit

Order placed above price and price goes down

pending order sell limit

4 Step To Put Pending Order In Metatrader 4

1. Klik New Order or you can press F9

2. Klik Type And Take Pending Order

3. Choose Type of Orders

4. Put volume , Stop Loss, Take Profit and the Price. Then Click Place to put your pending order. And its done!

Watch video below

Good Luck!! Happy Trading! 



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