AUDJPY abc correction

AUDJPY abc correction

AUDJPY seems to complete its wace cycle of abc correction. 
The inner circle of C wave of 12345 seems to complete. 

Is the biggest wave going to find it bigger C wave in higher time frame? 

 The price has break the support level of 85.400. The target of wave C is at the level of 100% fibonacci expansion level which is same as A wave. 

The target level is 82.50 which is also weekly support zone. To trade this setup, we need to use the right money management which is profit must be bigger than losses. 

Good Luck!

this forex trading idea was published for the purpose of study only. all the risk taking are at your own responsibility. There are possibility to losses in forex trading. Before deciding to go into forex market you should consider you knowledge and education in forex trading. Know the risk in forex trading can go against what you expected.



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