12 Questions You Need To Ask Before Becoming Full Time Trader

Every forex trader want to become a full time forex trader. But only 5% of the forex trader are success in forex trading.

here are questions that can help you to answer before becoming a full time forex trader.  Therefore, you will know how is your psychology trading. So that your trading management will be in your control.

1. When can you trade?
-free time
-working time
-at home

2. Which market you want to trade?
-new york?

3. Which time frame you want to use?
- H1 ?
- M15 ?
- M5 ?
- M30 ?
- 3 TF H1 M15 M5 ?

4. which type of trader are you?
- swing?
- intraday?
- scalping?

5. Which CCY you want to trade?
- gbp?
- jpy?
- usd?

6. Which Pair you want to focus?
- GbpJpy?
- EurGbp?
- UsdJpy?
- GbpUsd?
- EurUsd?

7. How much deposit you want to start?
- 10usd?
- 50usd?
- 100usd?
- 1000usd?

8. How much risk you will you take?
- 1%?
- 2%?
- 4%?

10. Which ratio that you prefer?
- 1:2 ?
- 1.3 ?

11. How much Stop Loss your trading strategy?
- 10pips?
- 20pips?
- 50pips?

12. How much will be your Target Profit ?
- 10pips?
- 20pips?
- 100pips?

Those questions will help you to think what you need to know in your trading management.

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Good Luck!Happy Trading!



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